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The place to be on February 23rd was definitely the Budtender’s Choice Awards! High-minded Events in collaboration with Seed Talent brought out the cannabis industry for a night of appreciation, music, laughs, and of course, good weed.


Budtenders, dispensary workers, and marketing reps alike arrived to a beautiful, decked out venue. Phil and his team pulled out all the stops to provide a night that had a little something for everyone. Were you at the Budtender’s Choice Awards? What was your favorite part of the night?


Under the Neon Lights

Guests were wowed as soon as they walk through the door. From the mood lighting to the upbeat music choices, it was definitely a party in the west loop. When it comes to throwing a sophisticated cannabis events, no one does it quite like High-minded Events. At almost every corner you could find one of their signature touches, starting with the layout.


Set up through out the venue, some of the biggest names in cannabis came out to show up and show out for the Budtender’s across our state. With big names like Puffco showcasing their beloved devices, guests had a number of options on how they could consume.


The Infused Goodies

One thing that was not missing throughout the night was the infused goodies. From drinks to edibles there was a little something for everyone to indulge in. In fact, the Marga-weeda, infused with Tonic, who was a nominee for the night, was a particular hit. With almost every other person in attendance holding one in their hand. High-minded Events has truly set themselves apart for their signature mocktails, creating unique combinations for every season.


Making your way to the center of the venue and you were greeted with a beautiful ice sculpture by Artet. Guests were treated to an icy waterfall, allowing them to drink the infused drink directly from the ice sculpture. This is just one of the many interactive stations that guests could enjoy.


The brands in attendance really put their best foot forward to impress and wow the budtenders. Ediblez in particular, with their gummy skewers, provided a fun way for guests to interact and sample products. It’s this type of innovation that’s very much needed in this industry in Illinois. It was very exciting to see these type of installations.


Announcing: The Winners


Of course the highlight of the night came when the lights dimmed and some of Chicago’s industry favorites took the stage to present the awards. Starting with the lively Dom Brown who got everyone riled up and ready.


The Winners in the Edibles Category

Starting off the night, we announced the winners of the edibles categories. Starting with the winner of the best Chocolate edible which went to Nature’s Grace and Wellness.


Next we had the best gummy edible which went to Kiva.


Lastly, the winners of the category for best non-chocolate, non-gummy edible were Tonic, who also won the award for Best Beverage.


The Winners of the Flower Category

The most anticipated category was flower, and everyone is always very ready to give their feedback on the flower found at Illinois cannabis. Taking home the award for best Everyday Flower was Aeriz.


When purchasing in bulk, budtenders chose High Supply as the winner of the Best Bulk Flower.


Next up, Dogwalkers took home the award for Best Preroll which seemed to not be a surprise for those in attendance.


Revolution proved to be a big winner of the night. Taking home not only the award for Best Top Shelf Flower, but also for best Overall Cannabis Brand.


The Winners of the Concentrates Category

When it comes to concentrates, Revolution also won big by taking home the award for Best Solvent Concentrate.


In the Best Solventless Concentrate Category, Floracal was the winner and break out star.


Vapes were also a popular category, and Cresco Labs were announced as the winners of the Best Vape category.


The Blaze Award – Championing a New Standard of Social Responsibility

Our most important award of the night was the Blaze Award. Awarded to companies doing the real hard work of putting together a brand that is socially responsible.


Of course, Chicago’s own 93 Boyz took the award home. Their extensive work in Chicago’s cannabis community and their work cementing themselves not only in the cannabis industry, but also in fashion and music, made them the example for future winners.


High-minded Events wants to congratulate all the winners of the night. Most importantly, we’d like to say thank you to all the Budtenders across the state that make this industry exactly what it is. Medical patients and recreational users alike are grateful for the work done by all front line workers across the state.