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Throw the party everyone wants an invite to when you plan a cannabis dinner with High-Minded Events.

In this post, we’ll familiarize you with the cannabis dinner event, a.k.a., the infused dinner experience.

Chicago is a city to watch on the cannabis dining scene and at High-minded Events we’ve been perfecting the upscale cannabis social event so you can host a party everyone will be talking about.

Read on to find out how you can host a dinner event to rave about.


Cool things to know about Chicago’s hottest dinner party trend


1. It’s a new way to shake up your cocktail hour

We’ve all small-talked our way through mixers and cocktail hours, now you can give your guests a novel experience and introduce them to new and sophisticated ways to consume canna. We offer a cannabis bar and modern ways to use canna that will impress your guests and get them talking. Your guests will have the best contemporary and classic canna offerings available from infused appetizers, meals, and desserts to smokeless sipping vapors. Our cannabis bar is one of the most popular additions to dinner parties and events.


2. Education can be entertaining

Canna dinners are a relatively recent addition to the social scene and will be a new experience for many guests. There are strains and products to inspire different moods and highs, and our educators will recommend dosing and explain the product selection to help attendees make informed decisions. Whether you have a classic smoke bar in addition to your regular party or are dosing your entire meal, your guests will have all the information they need to have a good time, consume responsibly, and choose what they want to consume to have the best experience.


3. Sober curious? We’ve got that covered, too.

The demand for mocktails and alcohol-free options for the sober curious crowd is at an all-time high and our bar has a wide array of options for your alcohol-free needs. This is a great way to entertain, provide libations, and have an option for people who enjoy events and dinners but decline the drinks. This may seem like an unintended benefit, but it is becoming more mainstream for those who love socializing and don’t drink alcohol. Impress your dinner guests with your inclusive menu options and fun atmosphere.


4. Dosing for every delicious dish

We can help you find the perfect menu, dosing, and pairings for your party. Cannabis is a surprisingly versatile ingredient that makes the options for your menu diverse and exciting. We have relationships with executive chefs and catering companies around the Chicago area and across the US. If you are using your own catering service or chef, we can consult with them to provide the info and ingredient list needed to dose any dinner items you’re offering. Dosing must be done with your guests in mind to ensure a good time without consuming too much cannabis. The chefs we work with understand proper dosing and preparation, in addition to their excellent culinary skills.


5. We provide the shopping list

Due to local legislation, High-Minded Events cannot provide you with the cannabis products needed for your event. Rather, like many other event planners, we have established relationships with reputable vendors to provide a wide range of high-quality products. Once we have established your plan and menu, we will provide you with the recommended product list, vendors, and details you need to purchase cannabis for your dinner party. We will ensure that no detail is overlooked and that you have everything you need to execute an enjoyable and sophisticated cannabis event.


Ready to plan the perfect infused dinner party?

Cannabis dinner events are the hottest trend on the Chicago social scene. Host an upscale party with exciting ways to consume cannabis. The emerging products and ingredients make for endless options to impress your guest list. Plan a night that everyone will be talking about! Contact us at High-Minded Events to set up a consultation. We can’t wait to work with you on your next dinner party!