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Elevate Your Event Menu with Cannabis Infusions

Adding cannabis to an event menu requires preparation most event planners aren’t equipped to handle. Edible cannabis has delayed results increasing the likelihood of guests overindulging. Everyone has an edible story; they take a reasonable dose, waited an hour, and increase the dosage after not feeling the effects. Dosing is the most challenging part of consuming edible cannabis. An event planner is responsible for creating a social atmosphere where guests feel the effects of the infusions but aren’t so high they forget their names.

With proper preparation and an understanding of edible cannabis consumption, infusing your wedding or event menu can create a unique experience your guests will be raving about for years to come.


Cannabis Infusions 101

Edible THC products are metabolized by our bodies much differently than other delivery methods. A user has control over how much smoke they inhale, and because the effects are nearly instantaneous, they have the luxury of tapping out. Eating THC products is a different story. The taste is masked in most cases and the effects are delayed sometimes up to 2 hours after consumption. These two factors create the perfect circumstances for users to consume too much for comfort.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic dosage achieving the perfect high for all guests. A 10mg dose is going to affect one person much differently than another. Our bodies are complex and metabolize compounds differently. These factors are too complicated to manage on the fly, so event planners have to err on the side of underdosing the guests.


When preparing an infused menu, you want to provide guests with micro-dosing opportunities early on in the meal. Having clear communication between the kitchen, wait staff, and guests is imperative. We recommend delivering a total of 10mg of THC for the entire meal. All other infusions, like drinks and deserts, contain a small dose of up to 5mg per serving.

An infused menu shouldn’t result in guests getting too high they aren’t able to function. Also, you want guests to feel the effects during the celebration, particularly when it’s time to hit the dance floor. Build your infused menu with the intent of getting the guests the majority of their dose as early on as possible so they can enjoy the effects during the event.


Creating a Cannabis-Infused Menu

The perfect infused event or wedding menu includes options for every person in attendance. You must consider the edible veterans that dose every day, the casual cannabis user, first-timers, and people who aren’t interested in taking an edible at an event.

Consuming the entire infused menu shouldn’t be overwhelming for casual or first-time users. A 10mg dose is enough to feel the effects but won’t have guests hallucinating. A successful infused menu also gives options to cannabis connoisseurs who need a much higher dose to feel the effects. With careful planning and an array of options, achieving the perfect menu that will accommodate all guests is possible.

Appetizers and Salads

Only infusing the first dishes is a strategy that will ensure your guests will experience the effects of THC during the celebration. A 5mg dose in the salad dressing or one of the appetizers can get the majority of the dose into the guest’s system early on. After the salad and appetizers, the menu can switch over to only cannabis-free options.

If you are looking for a more complete infused menu, with options throughout the entire meal, it is still wise to deliver the majority of the dosage in the salad or appetizer.

Infused Drinks

Adding an infused drink option to the menu is easily done through simple syrup or honey. Having an infused simple syrup gives guests the option to add cannabis to most cocktails. We recommend a low-dose syrup that delivers 2-5mg for every 2 ounces.

Drink infusions give frequent cannabis users the option to add to their dose throughout the night.

Main Courses

The best option for infusing the main course is through a side sauce. Guests who don’t want any cannabis can request a sauce that won’t get them high, and guests who desire to increase their dose can add more to their meal.

Featured Flavor Dishes

Infused sauce, salad dressing, and simple syrups will accomplish the psychoactive effects of THC, but the flavor is masked. To elevate the cannabis theme of the menu, add cannabis concentrates to one or multiple dishes. Cannabis extracts are available in oils that feature all aspects of the plant, including other compounds and their earthy flavors.

Incorporating cannabis-infused oil into the dish will be a hit for the cannabis connoisseurs at the party. We have found that tuna tartar with avocado-infused cannabis oil is the perfect dish for guests wanting a comprehensive cannabis experience.

Dessert Infusions

Adding a few cute, infused desserts is a perfect way to top off the guest’s total dosage (who won’t be driving home) for the night. Edible chocolates, cookies, or even an infused chocolate fountain available at the end of the night will certainly be a crowd-pleaser. Infused desserts are one of the most popular types of edibles.


Challenges of Infusing Your Menu

Adding cannabis to an event is challenging. First, you must have approval from the venue to give guests cannabis products. Each state has different regulations in place. We recommend getting advice from someone who has experience dealing with local laws and venues before moving forward with infusing your wedding menu.

Cannabis is still new to many people. A wedding or event will have an assortment of people with varied knowledge regarding cannabis edibles. Be sure to be as transparent as possible with dosage and what foods are infused and which ones aren’t. Communication with the waitstaff, bartenders, kitchen, and event management is essential in delivering a positive experience for every guest.

Timing is everything with cannabis edibles. We recommend dosing low and early. No one wants to deal with someone who ate too much THC or an edible unknowingly.

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