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The Holiday Party season is in full swing! From company parties to family get-togethers, it’s the season for giving and hosting

While finding coordinating food and drinks might seem easy, coordinating other party favors can be a little trickier. Enter High Minded and our curated Cannabis Bars! A star at any party, you can provide an additional treat for your guests to indulge in. Gone are the times where your guests would have to sneak out for a joint break, with High Minded your guests can have an elevated, and sophisticated way to consume.


It’s Not Just a Weed Bar

We know that having a “Weed Bar” at your party can seem like a less than savory option. Still, I urge you to head on over to their Gallery and check out some of the set ups they have coordinated. It’s not just about consumption, their full service cannabis bars provide a safe space for education and elevation.

From weddings to office parties, they are the premier choice for open cannabis consumption. Using state of the art equipment and experienced staff that will not only charm your guests but also walk them through what could be an exciting first experience.


What is a Cannabis Bar?

High-minded Events will work together with you to curate a personalized cannabis bar that represents you and wows your guests. They specialize in showcasing cannabis in out of the box ideas for more relaxed and accepted consumption.

Cannabis Bars have become all the rage. Skipping the usual line up of alcohol and instead opting for a customized station where guests can choose their form of consumption. High-minded Events tailors hand rolled joint stations, Vape stations, and can even help you pick the type of flower to serve at your party.

Whatever your taste, they will find a way to showcase it in a way that will align with your party’s decor.


Picking the Right Flower for Your Party

With so many options at the dispensary, it might seem a little overwhelming to pick something for your get together. Terpenes, percentages, it all seems like so much.

High-minded Events offers Event Consultations, where they can walk you through the entire process. From picking your flower, to personalizing a cannabis bar, you will feel confident in putting on a good time for your guests.

Weed Bar


High-minded Events Only Uses Legal Cannabis Purchased at Dispensaries

It is of utmost importance that High-minded Events help you incorporate cannabis into your party that abides by all state and local regulations. Cannabis that is provided to High-minded should be dispensary bought in order to avoid any complications. Work with our Consultants to find a strain that will fit your party.

Cannabis Bar ideas


The Custom Joint Station

One of HME’s most loved highlights is our cone-packing station. Your guests will love the interaction of choosing their flower and watching one of our expert budtenders hand pack their cone. All pre-rolls come with a customized Glass Joint Tube.

You can opt to personalize a Glass Tube with a special message, or simply include the event details. These Glass Tubes are so handy, your guests will love being able to take them home and use them over and over again!


Our Variety of Smoking Devices

High-minded Events is a full service Cannabis event designer. They offer a full-scale experience, from the expert budtenders that will serve your guests, to the tried and loved devices that they have available for Equipment Rental.

High-minded Events is proud to bring you a variety of options for open and safe consumption. Your guests will be impressed with our options. From our popular Zenco vaporizer, to some new additions in 2023.

We are happy to announce the addition of the Puffco Peak Pro to our line up. They make sure to have multiple pieces on hand so your guests won’t have to wait around for their turn. All of our glass pieces are cleaned after each use, and they work to maintain the highest standard of sanitation. That is why they always maintain a big inventory, so that your guests can consume with peace in mind.

High-minded Events provides everything you need to incorporate cannabis into your party successfully. From the state of the art equipment, to our expert budtenders, they will provide the entire experience.

Weed Bar


Serving Infused Foods and Drinks at Your Party

We are well aware that most horror stories related to first time cannabis use are associated with edibles. The reason being is that dosing can be difficult to gage, and most people won’t even know how much they’re taking.

High-minded Events work to avoid these cannabis horror stories with proper consumption. Our budtenders are experienced with edibles and will educate and guide your guests to ensure that no overconsumption happens. Budtenders are usually not associated with serving edibles, but they keep sanitized cutting boards and knives on hand to properly dose provided edibles. Infusing your holiday dinner couldn’t be easier!

You want your party to be fun for seasoned smokers as well as for those canna-curious who are looking to join in on the fun. High-minded Events will produce this type of experience in any event. Ask us how they can help you throw the cannabis-friendly event of your dreams!


Please note that High-minded Events does abide by all local laws and regulations in regards to consumption.

December is filled with Holiday parties and family get-togethers, but if you want to throw an event that people will want to attend, it’s best to have a High-minded Consultant help you. It’ll be one less thing on your to do list, and one more way to charm your guests. Feel free to visit the Cannabis Bar section of our website to learn more about our different options and to book your phone call directly with an HME Consultant.


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