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Switch up your pumpkin spice latte for a drink that will have you feeling the Fall vibes in a whole new way!

Are you sober curious? Cannabis cocktails or CBD drinks can be a new way to enjoy a party or dinner without feeling like you are missing out.

It’s Fall in Chicago, and we are here for it! We have been serving up our Fall and Winter drinks at events and parties. What could be better than a fun seasonal drink with no hangover? Canna infused drinks are a great alternative to mixers loaded with alcohol. Socializing with alcohol can be fun, but replacing with cannabis can be a great time, without regretting it the next day.


Be Your Own Budtender with Hangover-Free Fall Drinks

Chicago has a robust alcohol-free social scene, with more people choosing to leave the cork in the bottle. If you are hosting an event, having options for guests who don’t drink is always appreciated.

High-Minded Events has perfected some of your Fall favorites, and even several new drinks that will have you loving the cooler weather menu. Our Canna Bar is available for rent for parties and events, and these drinks would be a unique offering for your guests! Check out our event information if you would like to book an event.

Staying in? Try your hand at mixing up canna concoctions at home!


Cannabis Mocktail Recipes, Fall Drinks Edition


Spiced Apple Mule

An apple a day? Try our delicious alcohol-free, infused Spiced Apple Mule.


(Beta-Caryophyllene, Alpha-Farnesene)

.5 OZ Apple-Ginger Syrup

.5 OZ Holiday Spiced Syrup

1.5 OZ Apple Cider

.75 Lemon Juice

2.5 MG Vanilla Surp

4 OZ Ginger Beer

Garnish: Apple Slice

Pairs well with a bonfire night with the soccer moms.


Hot Toddy Mocktail

A citrus and spice mocktail to warm you up on cooler nights.


(Limonene, Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene)

1 OZ Holiday Spiced Syrup

.5 OZ Turmeric-Cardamom Syrup

2 Bags Orange-Spiced Tea

.5 OZ Citrus Seedlip

.5 OZ Lemon Juice

Dash Angostura Bitters

2.5MG Infused Honey

Garnish: Blood Orange Slice

Pairs well with a restorative night in under heavy quilts, with a good book.


Golden Latte

Our golden latte is a little bit extra, and that’s the only way we want it. If it sounds like a rich, warm, honey-laden dream, that’s because it is.


(Terpinolene, Myrcene, Linalool, Beta-Caryophyllene)

1.5 OZ Turmeric-Cardamom Syrup

2 OZ Plant Based Milk

3 OZ Chai Tea

2.5 MG Infused Honey

Pairs well with a lazy night in bed, streaming documentaries.


Winter Sangria

You won’t miss the wine in this Winter Sangria. This is a seasonal drink with serious personality. Bubbly and bright with just enough spice.


(Alpha Pinene, Myrcene, Terpinolene, Limonene)

1 OZ Holiday Spiced Syrup

.5 OZ Turmeric-Cardamom Syrup

.5 OZ Citrus Seedlip

3 OZ Cranberry Juice

2 OZ Sparkling Grape Juice

2.5 MG Orange Tonic

Garnish: Blood Orange Slice, Cranberries

Pairs well with the Type A colleague you become best friends with at the office holiday party.


Elderberry Fizz

This Elderberry Fizz is loaded with flavor and packed with antioxidants.


(Limonene and p-cymene, Alpha-Pinene, Ocimene)

.5 OZ Holiday Spiced Syrup

1 OZ Rosemary Syrup

.75 OZ Lemon Juice

2 OZ Elderberry Juice

3 OZ Soda Water

2.5 MG Pomegranate Tonic

Garnish: Tarragon Spring

Pairs well with a flannel blanket on the porch swing on a sunny Autumn afternoon.


Citrus Digestif

Sip this this fresh citrus and herb mocktail with just enough lemon and bubbles to start your day with a little lift.


(Limonene, Myrcene,)

1 OZ Turmeric-Cardamom Syrup

.5 OZ Herbal Seedlip

1 OZ Orange Juice

.5 OZ Lemon Juice

3 OZ Soda Water

2.5MG Orange or lime Tonic

Garnish: Lemon Slice

Pairs well with a relaxed Saturday morning spent binge buying houseplants at the Farmer’s Market.


Rosemary-Ginger Sparkler

Flavor bomb your day with this bold Rosemary-Ginger Sparkler.


(Alpha-Pinene, Alpha-Farnesene, Limonene)

1 OZ Rosemary Syrup

.5 OZ Apple- Ginger Syrup

1 OZ Blood Orange Juice

2 OZ Sparkling Apple Cider

2 OZ Soda Water

2.5 MG Orange Tonic

Garnish: Dash Bitters, Orange Slice

Pairs well with bougie cheese and crackers on blanket at the park.


Do you want to host dinner and drinks with cannabis?

Host a cannabis dinner, party, or event! Contact us to see what we have available for the Fall and Winter months. With over two decades of combined experience in the event and hospitality industry, we have made connections with the top chefs and caterers in the city. We also refer you to the most reputable legal cannabis suppliers in the Chicago area. Let us show you how cannabis can enhance your party and wow your guests.