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As cannabis regulations around the country are relaxed or removed, a new emerging wedding trend is to incorporate cannabis as part of the wedding festivities. From the engagement party to the honeymoon, we cover some of the most fun and innovative ways to include cannabis as part of your upcoming celebrations.


Cannabis and Canvas

Bachelorettes are discovering the fun and excitement of a Cannabis and Canvas bridal shower or bachelorette party. Set up an edible or vape bar and educate your shower guests on the different ways to responsibly consume cannabis. Offer CBD cocktails at the beginning to help assuage any nerves for first-time users.

Guests will paint or sketch a unique piece giving them a fun outlet to express their creativity. With a completed canvas and an introduction to cannabis, your guest won’t soon forget your shower or party.

PRO TIP: If you start to experience anxiety or paranoia from THC, ingest CBD. The CBD will neutralize the anxiety and paranoia allowing you to comfortably experience and enjoy THC.


Flower & Flowers

Hosting a floral arranging party is another great way to experience and safely consume cannabis! Hire a pro to teach the basics of flowers and to help your guests make their own arrangements. Offer butcher paper and twine for them to turn their bundle into a lovely takeaway gift. Include a flower and vape bar as a lovely way to elevate the experience without alcohol.


Mix & Sip: Mocktology Class

Cannabis certainly doesn’t need to be eaten or smoked to be consumed. Learn how to use popular THC syrups and tonics with more traditional cocktail mix-ins to create mocktails to die for. Smoked cocktails are all the rage at the moment and using THC vapor to smoke the ingredients is a stunning way to wow your guests.


Meditation, Yoga, and Mari Jane

Weddings can be stressful. Book a meditation, yoga, and mari jane experience to bring back the peace and calm you should be feeling as you embark on the rest of your life. Your guests will enjoy the quiet time as they ready their bodies and minds for the fun ahead.


Wedding Reception Canna Bar

The stigma surrounding cannabis consumption is rapidly evaporating, making this an ideal time to incorporate a little bit bud into your special day. Personalized pre-rolls in a cute package make lovely hostess favors. You can infuse cannabis into some of the food items as well. Smoked egg yolks, dressings with oils, and bite-sized treats using infused butter are just a few ways to use cannabis in your menu.

PRO TIP: Make sure to make it very clear to your guests that the dish is infused and provide ample dosing and ingredient information so your guests can make an informed decision.

Hosting a vape and flower bar alongside a traditional bar offers a unique opportunity for non-drinking guests to engage in the festivities without the associated hangovers. Using our Vapexhale and Bello instruments guarantees the smell won’t bother non-users and is a sanitary way to allow guests to sample multiple strains from your bar. Our budtenders are educated and professional in teaching newbies and pros alike about the contents and usage.


Morning After Brunch

Who wants to deal with the morning after wedding hangover? Offer your guests some THC treats via baked goods, edible bar, or pre-rolls. Baked goods make great carriers for cannabinoids and mask the flavor for some of your new-to-cannabis guests.

PRO TIP: THC and CBD are great for treating hangovers.

As cannabis inches its way toward full acceptance, finding ways to implement it into your wedding plans makes for a fun, engaging, and safe way to integrate cannabis into your event. Surprise and delight your guests with our fun ideas for incorporating cannabis into your upcoming nuptials.

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