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The Holidays are in full swing! And while many rush to the grocery store to stock up on Thanksgiving favorites, we have gotten many questions about how to safely, and deliciously, incorporate cannabis into your feasts.


High-minded Events is coming in clutch with a few easy to do ideas! We have chosen 5 ways you can infuse your dinner, and will walk you through how to add an elevated touch. Most of these ideas are beginner friendly, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty!

Please note that we will be using suggestions that incorporate products you can buy at your local dispensary. Many people often choose to infuse with canna-butter, but we have some fun out of the box ideas that make infusing an easy process.


Infused Holiday Punch

Infused holiday drinks are all the rage, and while you can easily purchase pre-infused drinks like Cann, we suggest infusing your favorite holiday punch. PTS Pure has an amazing drink called Tonic. At 100 mL you’ll easily be able to serve up 30 portions of a feel good holiday punch.

Don’t want to infuse the whole bowl? Choose instead to infuse each drink as needed. PTS also has a great tincture in a popular cherry flavor.


Canna- Corn Bread

A quick RSO / melted butter mixture will create an easy canna-butter that you can now slather on a variety of foods. Our favorite choice? Corn bread! Offer a (labeled) infused butter at the table. People will be able to brush a thin layer on their corn bread to offer an elevated kick to a holiday classic.

When it comes to RSO, your local budtender will be able to offer the best suggestions. Visit your local dispensary and ask what they have available.


The Classic: Infused Desserts

When it comes to edibles, most people immediately think of brownies or cookies or rice krispy treats. These classic cannabis treats have been a staple for decades, but how can we get these done without having to spend hours over the stove?

Enter Mindy’s Edibles. Their line up of chocolates is delicious, and easy to incorporate into any recipe. In fact, you can visit the website to find holiday recipes using their products. We recommend the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee.

Incredibles also offers a variety of delicious infused chocolates that you can incorporate into any of your favorite desserts. In fact, their Pumpkin Pie Bar is perfect for Thanksgiving desserts.


Groovy Gravy

No holiday feast is complete without a rich and tasty gravy. Everyone’s favorite sauce to pour over their plate can now be infused to add an elevated touch. The way to infuse gravy without disturbing the taste is to go with a high quality distillate. You can dose as recommended on the packaging, offering a fun way for your guests to indulge.

This method can be used for just about any sauce or condiment that you set out at the table. Even a cranberry sauce can be infused with distillate, and provides for an easy way for people to opt in or out. Just be mindful of how much distillate you are using, too little is always better than too much. Check with your local dispensary for different flavors.


Ask Your Local Budtender For Recommendations

The great part about frequenting your local dispensary is that you can easily look over their current and new options. Ask the budtenders for recommendations, as they are usually first to know of upcoming products.

Many companies have released infused food options, like French Onion Dip, and a variety of syrups. These can be fun additions without any extra work. You can check your local dispensaries online adult use menus, or simply stop by and discuss with your local budtender.

Some of our favorite new items are infused Coffee Syrups. Those make it easy to consume with others, and leave out those who don’t want it. You want to make sure you’re giving people the option to consume, and not giving anyone any surprises.


Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

Having infused foods during the Holidays is fun, and a great option for those non-drinkers. Still, it does not come without its precautions. You want to make sure you label anything that is infused. Place and store it in a separate area of the feast. You don’t want any possible confusions, or over-consumptions, that would cause a negative experience. Not everyone is going to want to partake, so make sure you let everyone in attendance know it is an option and not a requirement.

Please also remember to store in a tall area or some place where children and pets will not be able to reach. Infused foods can seem and look tasty to children, but you absolutely don’t want any mishaps at your holiday party.


Being in a legal state has really opened the doors for what we can do with cannabis. We no longer have to depend on smoking as the only option, especially with all the delicious options that companies are putting out. Allow yourself to experiment, dabble with different distillates and hash oils, and try different infused products. Cannabis is all about trial and error, so don’t worry if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away.


Will you be incorporating cannabis into your Holiday Parties? Ask about our Cannabis Bar and Event Design options.