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Pride Month celebrations are over until 2022. But one 2021 Pride Month celebration will go down in history as the first one to celebrate open cannabis consumption! Higher Love Pride Tea Dance, an event hosted by High-Minded Events, was the first event of its kind. Here’s what you need to know about the 2021 Tea Dance and what it means for the future of Pride.


The Event

The Higher Love Pride Tea Dance was a revolutionary, city-compliant cannabis event held in Chicago on June 27, 2021. The goal was to host a celebratory event that encouraged the safe and fun use of cannabis for adults in attendance. Guests were able to enjoy cannabis in a social setting that was fully compliant with Illinois’ current Cannabis regulation and tax act.

It was a great opportunity to show the state of Illinois and city of Chicago that cannabis is a safe, enjoyable addition to public events. The success of the dance will hopefully open up future opportunities for similar types of events that help bring cannabis experiences to the masses – not only in Chicago, but in other cities around the world!



The Experience

The Higher Love Pride Tea Dance hosted a number of booths and experiences to create a fun, exciting atmosphere. The event, which hopefully will be brought back again in coming years, had:

  • DJ, music, and dancing
  • Samples of cannabis products (including tinctures, smokable products, and more)
  • Food and product vendors
  • City-compliant cannabis usage
  • Drag queens, rainbows, and more!



The Sponsors

Because Higher Love Pride Tea Dance was a cannabis-centered event, several cannabis-related sponsors were needed – and they came through with some amazing and innovative products! Some of the products that helped make this historical event possible included:

  • VapeXhale. VapeXhale provides the perfect aromatherapy cannabis experience and was a hit among attendees!


  • Stundenglass and GPen Connect. Both easy to use and easy to understand, these cannabis devices are a perfect fit for an enjoyable, cannabis-inclusive celebration.


  • Bello. Bello is an on-tap vapor that allows you to enjoy cannabis consumption socially, safely, and hygienically. It’s very similar to how you would enjoy a beverage on tap, but instead, you can choose from different types of vapor!



You Can Make History with High-Minded Events!


Thanks to High-Minded Events and sponsors, the Higher Love Pride Tea Dance will go down in history as the first event of its kind. To create your own history-making, cannabis-inclusive event, contact High-Minded Events and book a consultation today!


Photos from the Higher Love event below!