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The weather is warming up and everyone is looking for any opportunity to leave their house. This season, especially in Chicago, is crucial for in person interactions for clients. And while your team is running around promoting and getting the word out about your brand, you need to put together events that will engage and entertain your guests.

The Biggest Holiday of the Year: 4/20

It seems like every year 4/20 celebrations get bigger and bigger. More and more companies are getting into the celebrations, and customers have their choice of where to celebrate.

Still, this 4/20 season, HME received a ton of calls from flustered teams about making sure their event runs smoothly. Things like having enough staff, handling consumption, and just the overall experience for guests. It takes a real effort and toll to put something together that your guests will enjoy and remember. Your marketing department probably has very big dreams, but sometimes you just need more hands on deck.

Your Marketing Departments Best Kept Secret

We hear it all the time “Our team is busy with so much!” And we understand, events aren’t a simple task. High-minded Events has quickly become a resource and best kept secret for many reasons. We know that while you have the resources to organize an event, a little professional help can go a long way.

Consider your budget. You might think that letting your marketing department handle everything will save you money. The reality is, you’re sacrificing the sanity of your team for a very small cost. HME has experts on hand ready to help make this process seamless, with tailored packages for your event budget.

Navigating the Laws in Illinois

One of the biggest confusions when throwing an event in Illinois and Chicago is handling the consumption. All of these unclear laws and regulations can seem confusing and overwhelming, especially when you’re on a time crunch. Turning your happy event into a total nightmare.

Did you know you cannot legally transport over 1 ounce of flower a day?

This could be a problem if you need to transport cannabis from dispensaries to your event. You might have to do multiple trips, depending on how much you’ll need. These are just some of the nuances that your team would have to prepare for. You want to make sure to check in with the local authorities if you plan on doing anything outdoors. It’s especially important that you’re mindful of fire prevention and are on top of proper ventilation.

These details can easily fall in between the cracks when your primary focus is to promote the event. One appearance from the local authorities is enough to put a damper on any party, so preparing ahead is vital. High-minded Events has a track record for throwing consumption friendly events, taking care of those small details that make a big difference.

From basic Consulting to full blown Event Design, HME has got your back. Don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. Our dedicated team is on hand to alleviate your stress.

There are nearly 5,000 Budtenders in Illinois, and counting.

Pulling staff away from their daily tasks can be a big problem, especially for dispensaries. Budtender are vital for helping customers and “manning the home base”. But if you find that you’re needing staff for your event, you could face a very real shortage.

With HME you have an entire team on your side. We have a full roster of budtenders from across the state, ready to work your event. Being an HME budtender means having the knowledge and experience to help guests, and most have also been employees at Dispensaries across the state. You can read more about HME Budtenders if you sign up to our email newsletter. Where we highlight HME budtenders and their experiences in the cannabis industry.

The Guest Experience

Who should be front and center in greeting and engaging with your clients? You and your team. If you’re finding yourself running around trying to make sure everything is running smoothly, you’re not prioritizing the very people you made the event for. You want to make yourself available for greetings and the necessary mingling. Your guests will appreciate being able to ask you about your products and about your goals.

Sometimes we might feel like we are saving money, time, and even resources by working completely in house. But with HME, you have access to one of the top cannabis event designers. Let’s talk about the goals for your next event.