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New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate the past and ring in the coming new year. It’s also a time for resolutions and setting goals for what we want to accomplish in the next year! Instead of going out drinking with your friends on New Year’s Eve, though, how about hosting an upscale cannabis event?

Cannabis parties are becoming more popular than ever as people discover they can enjoy their favorite herb without any hangover or side effects! You can even enjoy infused foods that will give you an experience like no other! Your guests will be impressed with your upscale cannabis event, and they’ll likely make it a tradition.


Why Host a Cannabis Event on New Year’s Eve?


Your party will be the talk of the town

Hosting a cannabis event on New Year’s Eve is the perfect way to ring in the new year and you’ll wake up hangover-free and ready to start fresh! Plus, your guests will be talking about your party for years to come.

You’ll be trending on the sober-curious scene

Many people are choosing to explore alcohol-free lifestyles and enjoy letting loose and enjoying parties and social events without being around drunken crowds or having to watch everyone else have fun. As the night goes on, it becomes less fun for the sober folk to enjoy being in a drunken crowd. Offering something non-alcoholic, and thinking about infusing it, solves this and ensures everyone has a great experience!


What You Can Expect at a Cannabis Event

Cannabis events come with all kinds of treats that you won’t find at your average New Year’s Eve party. For starters, we rent out a canna bar where guests can enjoy cannabis in various forms. From flower to edibles to concentrates, there’s something for everyone! We have perfected infused drinks, canna-laden desserts, vape, smoked drinks, and more! Whether you and your guests prefer to take a hit the traditional way or try something new, we have you covered!


Tips for Enjoying Public Consumption Without Overdoing It


Ask Our Expert Budtenders for Tips

If you’re new to cannabis, don’t worry! We know that not everyone is familiar with cannabis, and our goal is to create an upscale experience that will impress your guests without making anyone feel uncomfortable about not having experience with social use. We’ll help you choose the right strains and dosage for your event so that everyone can enjoy themselves without any worries!

Depending on what you choose to offer to your guests, you may be providing new experiences or ways to consume canna. Be sure to let your guests know to use our budtenders and staff as resources and that they expect (and welcome) questions!

Go Slow and Steady

Starting the evening out slow and consuming steadily throughout the night is the best way to control your high. Cannabis hits your system at different speeds, depending on how you’re using it, what canna products you’re enjoying, your metabolism, and your tolerance. For some people, cannabis will take an hour or two to take effect fully, and loading up before waiting for the high can make for an uncomfortable high later. Go slow and wait to see how you react before using more.


Why Plan Your New Year’s Cannabis Party with High-Minded Events?


HME takes care of the details

If you’re interested in hosting a cannabis party, the first step is to contact High-Minded Events. We’ll work with you to plan every detail of your event, so it’s perfect for your guests. From canna bars and vape stations to infused menus and dinners, we’ve got you covered!

We are experts in the cannabis party planning space

High Minded Events has combined decades of experience in the upscale party and event planning industry. We are also experts in cannabis consumption and preparation. We have great relationships with vendors, dispensaries, chefs, and event staff. Contact us today!