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Why should you use cannabis socially and offer your guests canna consumption at social events?

Cannabis is a fantastic addition to any social gathering or event. For many, it’s also a great alternative to alcohol. Social use of alcohol is so common it’s become expected at any event. While socializing with alcohol can be fun, there are also many drawbacks to regular drinking. Having a busy social calendar and event schedule often means having a taxed liver and perpetual headache.

At High-Minded Events we are experts in cannabis event planning and regularly see the benefits of serving canna at social gatherings and parties. From intimate backyard dinners to large-scale events, the pros of social cannabis consumption are clear. Read on to learn more about social cannabis use.



Unique Benefits to Social Consumption


No hangover necessary

Parties are fun and events are exciting, but hangovers are awful! When your social calendar is filled with work and leisure events, all involving alcohol, the effects start to add up. The hangover from a couple of mixed drinks or a few glasses of wine can range from annoying to debilitating. It’s nice to have a social lubricant, especially at a party. However, if you are regularly socializing, the alcohol takes a toll. Responsible social consumption of cannabis can save you from the inevitable hangover that follows a night out. At High-Minded Events, we have seen our infused dinners and cannabis bars help guests relax and enjoy their night, with no alcohol on board and no hangover required.


Have regret-free fun in any crowd

We all love a party, but let’s face it, most of us have had one too many glasses of wine in a social situation. Overindulging with alcohol can inspire bad decision-making, awkward Mondays in the office, and uncomfortable conversations.

Cannabis is a mellow alternative to alcohol and rarely lowers inhibitions enough to be embarrassing. With proper dosing and responsible consumption, social cannabis use can inspire drama-free, safe fun for yourself and your guests. As a top cannabis event planner, High Minded Events can help you find the best cannabis products and dosing to ensure a fabulous time without the social gaffes and incapacitated attendees.

Check out our very own Mindy Moore dancing the night away at a cannabis event!


Inclusive fun without awkward excuses

Many people are living an alcohol-free lifestyle. Some are bored with booze and some would rather not have to explain themselves, thank you very much! There are so many reasons people may choose not to drink. For many regulars on the social scene, this can lead to awkward conversations defending why they are choosing not to drink. While it may seem odd that this is a concern among adults, it is! In fact, it is something newly sober people worry about and bring up frequently. No one wants to explain their personal choices, health history, medication interactions, or reasons for cutting back on alcohol to others on a fun night out. Having a cannabis-infused event or offering guests social cannabis consumption at your next dinner can provide a fun alternative to alcohol for those who choose to partake.



The social consumption of cannabis is a newer development in the Chicago event industry. If you haven’t considered hosting or attending a cannabis event reach out to us so we can share our expertise, ideas, and experience!

We have over 25 years of combined experience in the event and hospitality industry, and connections to the top chefs and most reputable cannabis suppliers in the Chicago area. Let us show you how social consumption can take your gatherings and events to the next level!