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Events in general have always proven to be about providing an atmosphere. Socializing through music, food, and drink is timeless. Yet, there was always an element missing. An element made impossible by laws and status quo. Yes, I am talking about cannabis. Always known as the social drug, it is one that brings people together. Today, you can consume cannabis at your social event without having to worry about getting in trouble. With that comes the option to really provide an elevated experience to your guests, and there is how High Minded Events can help you.


Provide your guests a unique experience with our budtenders, who will not only welcome and educate your guests, but also walk them through proper cannabis consumption. For some of your guests, cannabis will be new and maybe even a little scary. High Minded Events budtenders are well trained to answer any questions and concerns. They will help your guests feel at ease during their experience with High Minded Events. Now, you might be asking yourself, what is a budtender? Well, let’s discuss a few important things to know:


Your event deserves the highest in safety and sanitation!

In many professions, employees are held to certain health and safety standards. Usually related to their handling of a product or food item. Cannabis should be treated like a food grade item, with special handling and dosage specifications. That is where our budtenders shine! Handpicked based on their extensive training and on-hand experience, they will provide an experience like no other! It is important that this experience is safe, and one that your guests will feel comfortable indulging in. At High Minded Events we have tailored vibes for personal parties and corporate events. We always maintain safety and sanitation at the forefront.

High Minded Events abides by all local, state, and federal laws regarding sanitation and cannabis usage. All cannabis is purchased or provided by the client to be used at the event. High Minded Events does not provide cannabis but will offer up recommendations that will suit your event. High Minded Events also works with corporate cannabis brands and cultivators to use the best choice in strain for their event.


A Budtenders Job Description:

Called Budtenders due to their work directly with the cannabis buds, they are what is considered cannabis handling experts. Trained in weights and dosing, they are beacons of information for the canna-curious. Usually employed at dispensaries, our staff consists of trained budtenders who will help your event run smoothly. All of our budtenders create a mood and are highly educated in cannabis in general. There is a huge need for budtenders at social events, a need that High Minded Events is looking to fill.

Budtenders are there to create a vibe, and they are great at what they do. It’s important to remember to tip budtenders, just like you would tip a bartender or your barista.

Along with knowledge of cannabis as a plant, budtenders also learn and know how to use a variety of consumption equipment and tools. Through a collaborative vetting process  we use, and have used, these enjoyment mechanisms with our guests:


Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Seen on Instagram and Tik Tok, the Stündenglass Gravity Bong has become a staple in most cannabis consuming social circles. Fitted with the G Pen Connect Attachment, we are able to provide safe and contactless vaping for your guests to indulge in. They will be delighted by the bubbling globes and elevated by the billowing clouds of cannabis. Stündenglass has quickly become a household name in cannabis and we are proud to use their infusers.


Shocked by their sudden departure, we have always been users of Vapexhale vaporizers. Established in the industry, and popular still, the reality is pointing at a future of more convenient vaping. Sleeker, smaller designs are outproducing the table top vaporizers of yesterday. Most notably the Puffco Peak has proven to be a good and popular competitor. And while the company may no longer be in business, their devices are still widely used and enjoyed. You can rent the Vapexhale from High Minded Events, and our budtenders will walk your guests through this smoking experience.


The newest equipment, tabletop vapes that make cannabis feel like you’re having a drink with your friends. We love these additions to our line up and we believe they are more welcoming for those who are curious about consuming. They are also perfect for social settings, as they are easy to use and easy to maintain. Your friends will be wowed by the advancements in cannabis technology, while our budtenders serve up a round of clouds for you and your guests. They are essentially glass “cups” that are filled with vapor that your guests can “drink” or consume. It makes the experience very familiar to your guests, while adding a wow factor when our budtenders refill it. And they just look very cool and chic. Perfect to showcase your cannabis or your favorite strains, and sophisticated enough for events of any type. We are proud to include Zenco in our lineup of cannabis options.


We don’t set a standard, we ARE the standard in Budtender interactions.

With over a decade of experience, High Minded Events is proud to have established a portfolio of big name events. Always executed flawlessly by our staff. Our budtenders are friendly, helpful, and a great resource for any social event. In fact, many cannabis brands in Illinois have trusted us with their events, allowing us to provide an upscale experience that elevates and delights. No two events are the same, and we strive to provide unique experiences for every client.

Our budtenders provide conversations that will ease your guests. Walking them through consumption with any one of our contactless tools. Educated in not only your products, but also dosing and recommendations that can help your guests embrace cannabis as a whole. Cultivate effective and productive conversations with your guests all while consuming in a safe and welcoming environment.


The High Minded Experience

The one thing that all High Minded Events have in common is: ambiance. Each uniquely tailored to highlight the most important aspects of your vision. We don’t just create weed events, we tailor full scale cannabis experiences. From our budtenders to the equipment we use, to our process, there is a certain sophistication that comes with proper consumption. We aren’t just passing a joint around, we are deciphering terpene profiles and finding the right type of elevation for those who are first timers.

Everyone’s worst experience with cannabis comes from over consumption. But our budtenders will guide those who are still not sure. Those treading waters, and even those who are newcomers. From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, our budtenders will have the necessary conversations for a great time in any social circle.


Becoming a Budtender with High Minded

High Minded Events budtenders abide by a separate standard imposed by our years of expertise. Receiving training from a curated group of educators, chefs, and bartenders, they receive the type of training only garnered by years of experience. We take our budtenders under our wing, showing them ways to consume that exude elegance and a different type of elevation. Our budtenders are trained for a variety of events, specializing in corporate ambassadorship and brand representation.

Schedule a call with High Minded Events to discuss how our budtenders can help your cannabis brand execute a successful event.

Overall, budtenders are proving to be an essential and necessary part of social cannabis consumption. As a cannabis brand looking to launch an event, you must be mindful of social practices and proper recommendations. You need budtenders representing your brands who not only know how to roll a joint, but who can have full blown conversations with guests about preferences and proper ways to consume. Education is the key for a great experience, and our budtenders are experts in providing just that.

Your next event needs a cannabis event organizer that will take your ideas and create an experience that is also a safe space. Keeping the effects of cannabis in mind when creating an entire experience that will showcase your cannabis in a positive and productive way. Count on an educated staff of budtenders that will prove to be an asset for your event. Schedule your call today with High Minded Events so that we can discuss your next events needs.


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