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It’s your big day and you can smoke weed if you want to! That’s the attitude many brides are taking as they look for ways to incorporate cannabis… From fragrant bouquets, to infused toasts, there are a number of tasteful and even sophisticated ideas that we want to share with you.

Make it a Couples Activity

Choosing the weed for your wedding should be a collaborative effort between the life partners. What does each partner like? What are their favorite strains? How do they like to consume? These are all important questions to ask yourself before heading to the dispensary.

Create a personal tasting where you and your partner can try out different strains and different ways to consume. Think of a wine tasting, but with cannabis.

The Custom Cannabis Bar at Your Wedding

An open bar makes some people happy, well an open cannabis bar will do the same. Creating a designated weed bar will add a special touch to the occasion, providing a non-alcoholic alternative. Your weed bar can include pre-rolls, bongs, and even other devices. Guests will love to steal away for a puff if they are able to do it in a safe and sanitary way.

High-minded Events will not only create a customized cannabis bar, you will be assigned an experienced budtender that will help your guests with their consumption. Schedule a consultation to hear all your options.

A Fragrant Surprise in Your Bouquet

It might sound crazy, but you can work with your florist to create a bouquet with fresh cannabis. Either with nugs incorporated in for texture, or even with fresh cannabis leaves as a filler. Pinterest can be your best friend when it comes to inspiration. An important thing to remember is to choose your cannabis wisely, and to keep it fresh prior to using it. 

Choosing the Right Flowers

When it comes to cannabis flowers, the smell is everything. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose. A lot of people opt for Sativa heavy strains, mainly due to their uplifting and invigorating properties. One quick tip to find couple friendly strains is to take the names literally. Strains like Wedding Cake are pretty obvious.

Be Mindful of the Venues

While you might have big plans for consumption at your wedding, you might be met with a wall when dealing with your venue. Indoor consumption is not permitted at most public venues. In fact, you might not be able to smoke on site at all.

Some venues might relax on the rules if you opt for smoke-less consumption methods. Still, dealing with all of the regulations and different stipulations can create an even bigger headache. Give High-minded Events a call, Phil is your personal canna-wedding expert. 

The Easiest Option: Edibles

Offering infused food or drink is the easiest way to incorporate cannabis into your wedding, without problems to the venue. There are many cute and classy ways that you can serve infused foods, but remember, you’re going to want to label everything properly.

Infused Finger Foods

As the market grows, we are seeing more and more ingredients entering our market. Infused chocolates, spices, and even drinks that are already infused and ready for consumption.

You can also opt for purchasing a tincture, or other infused syrup to add to appetizers or finger foods. In fact, Phil does a great job at displaying infused gummies so that they look elevated and perfect for any occasion. 

Infused Drinks

There are so many options out on the market for infused drinks. You can opt for an infused seltzer, or create your own signature mocktail to serve. There are some great options in Illinois, including the Senorita Margarita and Artet’s line of traditionally inspired seltzers. There is just about something for every taste, just make sure to try a few different products ahead of time so you can find what you like.

The Take Home Treat

If you’re looking to spread the love to your elevated guests, you can also choose to provide a little take home treat.

A custom pre-roll from High-minded Events is the personalized touch you didn’t know you were missing. Clad in it’s own tube, you can provide a personal pre-roll with the names of the wedding party. This is a great and unique way to incorporate cannabis without having to worry about smoke.

This is just one of many custom options to make your wedding dreams come true. 

Your wedding day is big, and we know that you want to include everything you love. It can be hard to add cannabis to the party, without feeling like it’s tacky or unpleasant. Still, the times are changing. More and more people are looking for sophisticated ways to consume at private events and milestones. High-minded Events can help make that happen for you. Schedule a consultation to go over some ideas.